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Judd Creek is a recently protected salmon-bearing creek natural area on my home of Vashon Island, Washington. The watershed area encompasses diverse land uses including old pasture and alder forest. I find the place to be rich for both photography and my mind. After setting up a shot (involving a tripod, often lens changes, meter readings etc.) I’ll just meditate on the space, the light, the wind, the sounds. Eventually I’ll move on to the next shot where ever that may be--recharged by a feeling of peace and accomplishment.
Fading Autumn, Judd Creek Natural AreaA Jewel of a Tree FungusFirReflections upon Judd CreekSpring forest along Judd CreekJudd Creek 1, May 2016Judd Creek ForestBig sky over Judd CreekAlien fungi, Judd CreekLate afternoon in March, Judd CreakA bend in Judd CreekBig Winter Sky Over Judd Creek