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Escure Ranch and Rock Creek

September 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Escure Ranch lies within the scenic Rock Creek drainage in southeast Washington (south of Spokane) in the Palouse, formed approximately 12,000 years ago by the massive Glacial Lake Missoula floods. Here you will find 30 miles of non-motorized trails and solitude.

Rock Creek is increasingly popular for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, trout fishing, and hunting. The historic Escure Ranch was built in the early 1900s and focused on sheep ranching. The Rock CreekRock Creek Great Depression saw the ranch become d Loggerhead ShrikeLoggerhead Shrike ilapidated. It was purchased in the 1940s by two Basque immigrant bothers, John and Marcus Escure. They ran a successful operation. The distinctive corrugated metal sheathing on several of the buildings was installed during the 1950s. The sheep market declined during the mid 1950s and the brothers then initiated cattle ranching. The BLM purchased the ranch in 1999. The ranch house, barns, buildings and corrals still stand.

The surrounding area is splendid for photography, with many birds and a landscape with strong geological features. My wife and I were only able to spend limited time here, so I concentrated on documenting the ranch infrastructure. We were also able to hike some, enough time for me to grab some snapshots of a few local birds and land features.

Meadowlark at Rock CreekMeadowlark at Rock Creek If you like to wake up to a brisk, clear sunrise campsite without another party within miles, then I encourage you to visit Escure Ranch.


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