Welcome to Digital To Go.

I’m Michael Elenko and I appreciate your checking out this site. My goal is to have Digital To Go serve as an accurate reflection of my art, consulting skills, and personal interests. I’ve been fortunate to be able to manage fulfilling careers in photography and business consulting with some of the most respected brands and companies on the planet. The settings for my work—corporations, public sector, non-profits, and self-employment—have enabled me to learn countless lessons about effective new technology, communications, marketing, project management, and most importantly: working with people. So Digital To Go is one little way for me to share my vision and my experiences with you.

The Digital To Go website has multiple sections that the menus will guide you through.

The Galleries are populated with more recent work as well as popular images. I will be rotating various portfolios within this section. Many of you are familiar with my sports and bird images. These will continue being hosted on my Eye In The Triangle site.

Ordering prints: Any image can be ordered as a print at various sizes, please contact me for pricing.  All photographs are printed on ultra-high quality archival fine art paper that provides depth and dimensionality to the image.  Photographs are shipped directly to you, well packed to prevent damage. All photographs will require mounting, matting, and framing, unless noted otherwise. I also recommend you spray prints with Moab Desert Finish which will protect it from the elements. The visual integrity of photographs are not affected.

Under the Writings menu you will find blog-like entries. Sometimes I’ll provide the back story to certain photographs; other times I’ll discuss in depth some technique or even an occasional rant. I also hope to feature work by other photographers and writers.

Services provide an overview of the consulting I practice. I’ve lead workshops about each of these and greatly enjoy working 1:1 with other photographers and artists. Digital photography is very much advanced computer and software use in 2010s and there is so much to learn. That said, a lot of success in photography has as much to do with business planning and professional presentation as being tech savvy or having a good eye. The website will have you go through a slightly convoluted checkout process for ordering services, but it works. If you have any problems just contact me.